Pre Need Memorials

Many people are choosing to design and install their monument before the need arises. Pre-planning allows you to choose and design your monument to create the life story you want shared with future generations. By planning your monument now, you are able to make a more financially sound decision without added emotional stress. It also takes the burden off of your loved ones at a time when they are already grieving. Having a monument already in place will provide your loved ones a place to remember and celebrate your life and be comforted.

There are approximately 80 things to be done immediately after the loss of a loved one. Pre-planning your memorial takes some of those things off of your loved ones during an emotionally stressful time.


  • Design your monument to share your life story the way you want to be remembered
  • Purchase the monument without emotional stress
  • Give your family a lasting memory
  • Alleviate the emotional and financial burden from your family to choose a monument
  • Peace of mind