Reed Memorial can provide any size, shape, color, and custom designed monument you desire. We can also incorporate any etchings, porcelain photos, medallions, customized designed artwork and etc. that you desire. Reed Memorial believes no life story is the same and no monument should be the same. Our custom monuments are as unique as the lives they represent. We use the finest granite and marble most of which is quarried in Georgia and Texas. Our artisans will work with you to choose the design and customization of your monument to ensure it tells the life story you want shared.
Bronze Markers
Bronze markers are bronze plaques laid on a flat, granite marker. Like monuments, a bronze marker can be customized and detailed to tell your unique life story.
Cremation Memorials
Many people are choosing cremation, and a cremation memorial or bench is an architecturally beautiful way to memorialize a life. Reed Memorial can create a unique crematorium for an individual or entire family.
Family Estates
A new trend in memorials is the Family Estate. Family Estates are architecturally stunning, private mausoleums allowing family members privacy to remember and celebrate their loved ones. Inside the estate, stained glass and polished granite provide a peaceful and elegant setting for remembering special moments. We work with you from start to finish ensuring your family’s legacy will be remembered and shared for generations to come.
Pet Markers
We can create a unique pet marker to memorialize your beloved pet. We understand the loss of a pet is a big loss to a family and want to help families remember their family pet. In fact, the first monument we made after purchasing Reed Memorial in May 2014 was a gift for our son’s friend who had just lost his dog, Max. We were honored to be part of remembering Max.
Architectural Engraving & Signage
We also provide architectural engraving off and on-site. Reed Memorial is proud to provide the on-site engraving of the Eagle Scouts for the Circle Ten Boys Scouts in Dallas.

What We Do

Reed Memorial is a full service monument and stone engraving company specializing in custom memorials for cemeteries, memorial gardens and civic parks. Whether it is an upright or flat monument, bronze marker, memorial bench, family estate, cremation memorial, pet marker, or stone signage; Reed Memorial is committed to provide you with impeccable customer service and workmanship at the best value. Reed Memorial handles everything from conceptual design to installation. Because Reed Memorial only uses the highest quality materials, we provide a written warranty into perpetuity for as long as we are in business.


Reed Memorial stands behind our product and workmanship. Because we only use the finest granite, each piece we create comes with a written warranty from defects into perpetuity for as long as we are in business. With the exception of acts of God, vandalism, or abuse, we will replace or repair your memorial for poor workmanship (including installation), uneven fading, or cracks. We also label each monument so your loved ones will know whom to contact if anything should happen to your monument.