Written Warranty into Perpetuity

All granite and marble is not equal. Because we only use the finest materials and control the process from design to installation, we are able to provide a written warranty into perpetuity for as long as we are in business. With the exception of acts of God, vandalism or abuse, we will replace or repair your granite memorial for poor workmanship (including installation), uneven fading or cracks. We also label each monument we manufacture so if there is ever an issue your loved ones will know who to contact. Some monument companies, funeral homes, and cemeteries sell monuments made from cheaper, inferior granite or marble, sourced from poor quality quarries in China and India that can fade unevenly, erode more quickly or crack over time. Make sure you ask about the quality of the granite or marble and where they are sourced when getting a price quote. High quality domestic granite is more expensive than the lower quality granites sourced from China and India, but the cost difference is well worth having a monument that will hold its beauty over time. Colors that cannot be sourced from high quality domestic quarries, are sourced by Reed Memorial from the best foreign quarries.